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​"Dial Up" by Vertex Remedy is a genre-blending album that seamlessly merges trap, drum and bass, and house elements, creating a dynamic sonic landscape. With its futuristic soundscapes and innovative stutter house style, the album delivers a captivating journey through the realms of electronic music.


Jacob Chavez, professionally known as Vertex Remedy, is a trailblazing DJ/Producer hailing from the Bass Capital of the World, Colorado. Renowned for his innovative sound in Bass music and, he also serves as the visionary force behind the groundbreaking record label Proxinized Rebirth, shaping the landscape of electronic music.

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"Just wanna start off by introducing myself, my name is Miguel also known as mystiicthechild. I am an artist based out of Colorado, I work in different areas of creativity which consists of painting,photography, as well as picking up videography. I’ve been on a journey of discovering what my purpose is in my life, through creativity It has helped me express myself and come to understand myself on a deeper level. I want to inspire and reach the hearts of those in need. My creative works is a reflection of who I am and what I see, through creating it has gave me a sense of purpose and a sense of value. A big influence in my life has been my journey with god. Everything I create is an offering to god, without god everything that I’ve created wouldn’t be possible. Through my work I pray it spreads love and awareness of the reality of a human experience, the good and the bad. My work reveals a lot of my thoughts, my emotions and my flaws. If you decide to take a look you may even find a bit of a piece of yourself in my work. Love to those who read and join me on my journey." - Miguel Gaspar

A piece called “genius”, a piece done by mystiicthechild.

"I created this piece in works with Vertex Remedy. It consists of a variety of media, which is acrylic paint, paint markers, pastel, and cutouts from a magazine. Ive always enjoyed creating pieces with different mediums but with this I really wanted to incorporate more of the raw street style mixed media type of vibe. The piece was inspired by my own life experiences and how I was feeling, my love for photography also pieced it whole, the cutouts came from an old time magazine which was displaying the most influential pictures taken. As for the meaning of the piece, I like to see myself as instrument used to create, whatever I create is up to the viewer to perceive what it means to them"


- Miguel Gasper


In the shattered remnants of what was once a thriving civilization, where the neon glow of a cyberpunk metropolis fades into the encroaching shadows of a malevolent force, Vertex Remedy emerges as the beacon of hope in a world consumed by darkness.


Born anew in the crucible of chaos and despair, Vertex Remedy embodies the last flicker of resistance against the relentless tide of the shadow realm. As the veil between realities grows thin, he discovers within himself the dormant power of Chroma (The Holy Spirit) – a divine essence whispered of in ancient legends as the key to salvation.


Driven by a sense of duty and an unyielding resolve, Vertex Remedy embarks on a perilous quest to reclaim the Earth from the clutches of the shadow realm. Each track of his album, "Dial Up," serves as a chapter in his epic journey, chronicling the trials and triumphs of his battle against the forces of darkness.


From the neon-lit streets of the cyberpunk wasteland to the desolate ruins of once-great cities, Vertex Remedy encounters allies and adversaries alike. Along the way, he is joined by fellow warriors RYLVX, Taylor Chris and K4NTR1P. Each wielding their own unique talents and strengths in the struggle against the encroaching darkness.


As Vertex Remedy delves deeper into the heart of the shadow realm, he uncovers ancient mysteries and long-forgotten truths that shed light on the origins of Chroma and its connection to the fate of the world. With each revelation, he grows ever more determined to harness the power of Chroma to restore balance and harmony to the Earth.


But the journey is fraught with peril, and Vertex Remedy must confront his own inner demons as he battles against the darkness both within and without. With every track of his album, he channels the raw emotion and raw power of his experiences into a symphony of sound and fury, inspiring hope in all who hear it.


In the end, it is not just the fate of the Earth that hangs in the balance, but the very soul of humanity itself. As Vertex Remedy stands on the precipice of destiny, he knows that only by embracing the true power of Chroma – the power of love, compassion, and unity – can he hope to vanquish the darkness once and for all.